[fpc-pascal] Castle Game Engine 6.0 released

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 10:34:01 CET 2017


We're proud to release Castle Game Engine 6.0, an open-source 3D and
2D game engine for Object Pascal.

This release is a culmination of more than a year of intensive engine
development. The main feature is that almost every part of the engine
got significant improvement, and we have more "new features" than you
probably care to read about:)

You can download the engine, and read the documentation, from


The release annoucement, with more complete list of changes, is on


Some highlights of the new features:

- New user interface features: auto-scaling, parents, anchors, many
new components and properties,

- New build tool features: automatic generation and usage of
GPU-compressed and downscaled textures, --mode=valgrind,

- A large number of "Android package components", that provide an
integration with various 3rd party Android libraries on Android
(Google Play Games, In-app Purchases, sound libraries, ad networks,
analytics, vibrations...),

- New castle-anim-frames format, with a Blender exporter, to export
*any* animations from Blender to our engine (armature, shape keys,
baking physics simulations, ....).

Also, the website, and the manual on
https://castle-engine.sourceforge.io/manual_intro.php, received a lot
of additions and changes.

Last but not least, I wanted to mention our new Patreon page. You can
support the engine development and get some real rewards --- I'm
devoting a weekend per month exclusively to the features requested by
Patrons, you can get access to the "cloud build server" (continous
integration) for your game projects, and I will have a 24h gamejam
every month making a demo game requested by Patrons. Please check out
our Patreon page on:


P.S. Everything compiles with the today's announced FPC version 3.0.2
(and other FPC versions too) of course. Congratulations to the FPC

Best regards,

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