[fpc-pascal] uses myunit in '../src/myunit.pas' ?

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Mon Feb 13 09:21:55 CET 2017

On 2017-02-12 18:25, fredvs wrote:
> Yes, of course it could be a solution but I would prefer something inside
> the code.

AggPas (also included with fpGUI) has a build system where relative
paths can be defined as code comments in the top of the program unit.
Relative paths are relative to the program unit. The build system then
finds that info and builds the correct FPC (or Delphi) command line
parameters to build the project. AggPas uses this system for all the 20+
demos it includes.

Fred, you are welcome to take a look at that too. AggPas inside fpGUI is
located at <fpgui>/src/corelib/render/software/agg-demos/


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