[fpc-pascal] Why win64 program are considerably bigger in exe size than win 32?

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Sun Dec 31 15:48:32 CET 2017

Am 31.12.2017 um 11:15 schrieb Sven Barth via fpc-pascal:
> Could/would you provide that tool as open source?
Sure! <https://github.com/martok/linkermap>
I have attached the win32 binary as a release.

> Does it only work with PE/COFF or also ELF?Since I only very crudely parse the linker map file, I think it should work
regardless of executable format? Wouldn't bet on embedded targets though, they
might have a different format. Happy to accept pull requests ;)

Borland Map files are something entirely different (and inconsistent between
versions and frontends!), so no easy comparison for now.

> .xdata and .pdata are both used for SEH related data on the non-i386 Windows
> platforms (x84_64 and ARM as well as the obsolete MIPS and PowerPC targets). 
Ah, so they're both exception handling. Interesting to see that is almost as
large as the actual code, at least for the "useless" test case.


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