[fpc-pascal] What happened to FileOpen in trunk?

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Wed Dec 27 18:10:25 CET 2017

In multi-thread applications in Linux environment, I'm using FIFO's for 
communicating between threads.

In order to make it work properly, the FIFO must be opened in non 
blocking mode. Up to fpc 3.0.4 I've been successfully using code like this:

fdc := FileOpen(myFifo,fmOpenWrite or O_NONBLOCK);

now in trunk the call returns forever an EAGAIN error (as if the 
O_NOBLOCK flag was not forwarded to OS), and to make it work I'm forced 
to use a call to fpOpen:

fdc := fpOpen(myFifo,O_RDWR or O_NONBLOCK);

which works properly.

Is this an fpc new feature or a bug?


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