[fpc-pascal] Generic way to pre-maturely exit TCustomApplication without memory leaks

grouchysmurf d7559b8c502dea1b5323af444e81e014 at grabun.pl
Thu Oct 13 18:52:55 CEST 2016


> Anyway, I think that when the application is closed all the allocated
> memory is freed, memory leaks survive as long as the application is
> running. So wondering about what's in memory after a halt makes no
> sense, everything is freed.

I  am  not very familiar with internals of system programming.

Dump follows:

Heap dump by heaptrc unit
73 memory blocks allocated : 1872/2048
70 memory blocks freed     : 1733/1896
3 unfreed memory blocks : 139
True heap size : 327680 (96 used in System startup)
True free heap : 327216
Should be : 327240
Call trace for block $014B4DC0 size 34
Call trace for block $014AD820 size 17
Call trace for block $014DCBB8 size 88

Not that I know that to do with this data.


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