[fpc-pascal] LowerCase vs. UnicodeLowerCase

Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Tue Oct 11 16:57:51 CEST 2016

El 11/10/2016 a las 14:15, Marcos Douglas escribió:
> But what I do, for years, is import my units using an order by
That's what everybody does, otherwise you run into a troubles.

The problem is when you change the order unnoticed
The problem is when you use non standard packages and you don't know
what's inside, and there is a function or type that hides a well known

Fortunately it doesn't happen many times, But when it happens, it can
keep you hunting phantoms for a long time. And that's what I think
should be solved.

(In delphi) Once I came across a unit with a procedure
move(Source:TDataxxx;var Dest:TDataxxx), and I was using the standard
move(var source,dest;count:integer), the compiler said mismatch type
arguments. I wasted 15 minutes checking help etc. scratching my head
with the same error. I've read several times in blogs questions about
errors related to THandle because it's not unusual that a unit declares
a type THandle. In fact, it's logical that different units uses same
names for similar concepts.

Being aware of the order is a workaround that works, but it doesn't mean
that relying on the order is the best idea.


Santiago A.

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