[fpc-pascal] Checking the validity of Format and friends at compile-time

Maciej Izak hnb.code at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 09:00:53 CEST 2016

2016-10-05 4:32 GMT+02:00 Michalis Kamburelis <michalis.kambi at gmail.com>:

> For example, the call
>   Format('%s', [123])

I have a small hint (instead of answer). We have in mORMot / NewPascal in
SynCommons module nice function which works perfect in most of cases:

FormatUTF8('%', [123], []); // same string '%' works for both: integer and
string values
FormatUTF8('%', ['123'], []);


Best regards,
Maciej Izak
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