[fpc-pascal] Enabling IPv6 for freepascal.org domain

Graeme Geldenhuys mailinglists at geldenhuys.co.uk
Tue Oct 4 18:42:56 CEST 2016

To whom it may concern,

This image of Arnie (Arnold Schwarzenegger) describes it best. :-)

Could the powers that be, please enable IPv6 support for the
freepascal.org domain. The HTTP server would be a good start.

Once your ISP supports IPv6, the switch-over is pretty easy, as I've
recently discovered. I've recently done it for all my systems and
servers. I now run a dual stack network (both IPv4 and IPv6 supported),
and it was hardly any effort.

I queried the DNS entries of freepascal.org and see that it seems to be
IPv6 capable. I also noted that it is running Apache web server on Linux.

To make it easier to the admin of freepascal.org, here are the steps I

  1. Ensure that IPv6 is enabled on your Internet router. This is
     normally enabled by default - just waiting for your ISP to be
  2. Enable IPv6 support - it should be enabled by default on most
     operating systems already. If not, enable it and restart the
     the network services. IPv6 should auto-configure itself.
  3. Find the IPv6 address of the web server. With Linux and FreeBSD,
     use the 'ifconfig' command to find the IPv6 address.
     Ignore the fe80:* and fd* addresses as they are local or private
  4. Go to your domain's DNS control panel, create a new AAAA record
     and assign in the IPv6 address.
  5. Tell Apache to listen to IPv6 as well.
     - edit the httpd.conf and find the line "Listen 80". Add another
       line "Listen [<ipv6_address>]:80
     - if you are concerned about virtual hosting configurations,
       don't be, as nothing needs to change there.
     - Save and restart Apache. >  service httpd restart
     - Verify that Apach is working in dual stack mode:
        netstat -tulpn | grep :80
       it should show both the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

That's it, you should be good to go. Now test it. Here is a nice
website, so you can test your IPv6 setup from outside your network:


Type in your domain (www.freepascal.org in this case) and click "Validate".

On that same website, you can also click on the General tab to test your
desktop PCs to see how well they are configured for IPv6. Most web
browsers are set up by default to prefer IPv6 in the case where a web
server supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Another useful link:  http://ipv6.google.com    ;-)


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