[fpc-pascal] Underscores in numerical literals - grouping

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Tue Nov 22 14:43:27 CET 2016

On 2016-11-22 13:12, Martin Schreiber wrote:
> I think you are wrong.

And you have all the right in the world to say that. Just like I would
say I can't read your code at all - because everything is lowercase and
with only 1-space indentation. Your coding style - your preference.

Each developer has their own preferences - I never argued that. I prefer
to read code with 3-4 space indentation, and when debugging heavily
nested code, I would even prefer 6-8 space indentation to help see
blocks of text more clearly. If you don't like ET, simply don't use it.
In every editor I've seen that supports ET, in was optional and disabled
by default.

  Take a look at this linked PDF and look at the second image. That was
  purposely done to mimic your coding style - 1 space indentation. All
  done by tweaking the ET preferences, and not actually changing the
  underlying file at all. :)


  ET allows each developer to apply their own preferences without
  the underlying files being modified. Perfect in an environment where
  many developers work on the same source code units.


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