[fpc-pascal] Error: Internal error 2014052302

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> Objet : [fpc-pascal] Error: Internal error 2014052302
> Any ideas as to what this means?

  As a general rule, internal errors are consistency checks that
are made inside the compile.
  You will need to look into the compiler sources
themselves to get more precise information.

  Here searching using grep gives:
in directory fpcbuild-3.0.0/fpcsrc/compiler
$ grep -n 2014052302 *pas *inc */*pas */*inc
symdef.pas:1959:              internalerror(2014052302);
symdef.pas-1946-    procedure tstoreddef.deref;
symdef.pas-1947-      var
symdef.pas-1948-        symderef : pderef;
symdef.pas-1949-        i : longint;
symdef.pas-1950-      begin
symdef.pas-1951-        typesym:=ttypesym(typesymderef.resolve);
symdef.pas-1952-        if df_specialization in defoptions then
symdef.pas-1953-          genericdef:=tstoreddef(genericdefderef.resolve);
symdef.pas-1954-        if assigned(genconstraintdata) then
symdef.pas-1955-          genconstraintdata.deref;
symdef.pas-1956-        if assigned(genericparas) then
symdef.pas-1957-          begin
symdef.pas-1958-            if not assigned(genericparaderefs) then
symdef.pas:1959:              internalerror(2014052302);

So the problem here is apparently that genericparas
is assigned but genericparaderefs is not!

  From this, I can assume that your code is using generics feature,
which is a part of the compiler that I really don't know...

> Seen on FPC 3.0.0 under AMD64 Linux Mint 17
> The odd thing about this one is that :
> a) Always on the same blank line just after a constructor
  This constructor is a specialization of a generic class definition, no? 
> b) Goes away when you recompile clean
  This might suggest a subtle problem with PPU
loading versus full recompilation.

  Without a full ensemble of source files that 
is able to reproduce the described behavior fully,
it will be difficult to help you out.

Pierre Muller

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