[fpc-pascal] Interface performance

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Fri Nov 11 11:08:39 CET 2016

> On Nov 11, 2016, at 4:56 PM, Tony Whyman <tony.whyman at mccallumwhyman.com> wrote:
> 3. To get an object back from an interface you must use the "as" operator.

This step I was not doing and the “as” operator from an earlier showed it uses a string lookup anyways so it defeated the purpose in some cases (but better than my previous solution using Supports for all access).

I’m trying your code example now and I get "Class or COM interface type expected, but got “IMyInterface”” when I try to cast with “as”. I was using {$interfaces corba} so maybe that’s the problem?

	Ryan Joseph

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