[fpc-pascal] FreeBSD distro with fpc as star.

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Wed Nov 9 10:37:01 CET 2016

On 2016-11-09 07:31, Lars wrote:
> Doesn't fpgui take a different approach to programming, so if you start a
> project in win32/gtk style, you can't easily port it to fpgui due to

If you are developing a LCL based application, you can simply toggle
between the available LCL widgetsets. eg: LCL-GTK2, LCL-Win32, LCL-fpGUI
etc. That is simply flipping a switch and you are done. But like I said
in another reply, the LCL-fpGUI widgetset interface is not complete
(it's alpha state, just like LCL-GTK3). So its not really an option for
real-world applications yet.

The other option is to develop a "pure" fpGUI Toolkit application. This
is where it doesn't use LCL at all. In this cases you can't simply flip
a switch and convert a LCL based application to a pure fpGUI Toolkit
application. The benefit of pure fpGUI applications though, is that you
get the full power of what fpGUI Toolkit has to offer and all the
widgets it includes. Unlike LCL, fpGUI applications are truly 100%
cross-platform in regards to all widget features, look and behaviour -
so your applications never have any IFDEF's in them, or properties that
only work in Qt, but not GTK2 etc. fpGUI applications and widgets are
also themeable - independent of the operating system's theme. fpGUI also
includes Lazarus IDE add-ons to register new project types for use with
fpGUI, to make starting a new project so much easier.

You can obviously also use any Free Pascal FCL components with fpGUI
applications, just like you can with LCL applications.


fpGUI Toolkit - a cross-platform GUI toolkit using Free Pascal

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