[fpc-pascal] FreeBSD distro with fpc as star.

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Tue Nov 8 10:56:50 CET 2016

On 2016-11-08 02:12, Lars wrote:
> Does lazarus even know about fpGUI....

Yes, there is a LCL-fpGUI widgetset. It is still in alpha state, but all
Standard component palette widgets (except TLabel) is supported, quite a
few others too, as is all the dialogs and some WinAPI calls (eg:
ShowMessage). It seems a permanent developer though to complete it. I
contribute every now and then, and make sure it always compiles with the
latest stable fpGUI. But my priority is improving and maintaining the
"pure" fpGUI Toolkit, not the LCL-fpGUI wigetset of Lazarus.

> I always remembered fpgui as a non visual development that was separate
> and never integrated in any way with lazarus widget set. Did this change?

Yes, that changed about 9 years ago. :) And no, fpGUI is *not* a non
visual development environment. fpGUI comes with its own Visual Forms
Designer, Help Viewer, demo IDE and many more. Part of fpGUI's design
goals is to allow the developer flexibility, by not forcing them to use
one specific IDE. With fpGUI you can use any IDE (yes, that means
Lazarus, MSEide, Delphi, Geany, Eclipse etc) or any programmer editor
(EditPad Pro, VIM, etc). You can then integrate context sensitive help
and visual form designing via using those IDEs or editors "External
Tools" functionality.

for example:

Here are screenshots of fpGUI's help viewer, visual form designer (a bit
old now) and demo IDE.



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