[fpc-pascal] googleapiconv raises ERESTAPI error

Andreas Frieß friess at gmx.at
Sun Nov 6 13:47:20 CET 2016


i will try to use the googleapiconverter from the gooleapi examples 
directory. I got some excepions, so i reduced the problem to a generic one.
I use the trunc of FPC and compile the googleapiconv without a problem 
(inside lazarus). If i run it direct from commandline with -A -k ig ot 
the following infos. The stored json file look wellformed and ok.

 > C:\Data\development\fpctrunk\fpc\packages\googleapi\examples\generator
 > >googleapiconv.exe -A -k Exception at 0043DF98: ERESTAPI:
 > Unknown class : "¼F ÿ¼F ý¼F »F °│F T┤FTTypeDef      ê█E
 > TTypeDefä`F ÉF   googlediscoverytopas   TRestMethodParam
 > ê█E ÿ   ê█E á     TRestMethodParams   É".

Any hint 4 me ?


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