[fpc-pascal] Implicit conversion problem with TDate type

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Wed Nov 2 12:24:21 CET 2016

>> It's an interesting concept i.e. if a bug exists in Delphi then it must
>> also exist in FPC.
> Yes I agree. FPC's Interfaces support suffer the same fate. eg: FPC's
> CORBA style interfaces which Delphi doesn't have, implements the same
> bugs as Delphi COM Interfaces???
> I would prefer FPC to be bug free, no matter the compiler mode. If you
> want bugs (and don't mind paying for them), stay with Delphi. If you
> want a better compiler which is bug free, move to Free Pascal.
> Regards,
>    Graeme
Probably handling TDate as TDateTime in FPC is adding:

operator :=(const source : TDate) dest : variant;{$ifdef 
     VariantManager.VarFromTDateTime(Dest, TDateTime(Source));

in case of Delphi (at least 7) TDate is defined in Controls, so Variants 
cann't depend on Controls.TDate ...


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