[fpc-pascal] Mangle name in fpc-FreeBSD ?

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 20 01:26:21 CET 2016

Am 20.03.2016 00:57 schrieb "fredvs" <fiens at hotmail.com>:
> PS: This is a great victory who will solve (I hope) other library-related
> problems.
> PS2: Are there limitations of using dlsym() vs GetProcedureAdress() ?
> PS3: If dlsym() is cross-platform too, should I update all my codes that
> GetProcedureAdress() ?

LoadLibrary and GetProcedureAddress internally use dlopen and dlsym
respectively on Unix-like platforms. So it might be that either LoadLibrary
or GetProcedureAddress calls its respective internal function incorrectly
on FreeBSD and that needs to be fixed then.
And no, dlopen and dlsym are not cross platform (e.g. not on Windows)
that's.why the LoadLibrary and GetProcedureAddress functions exist in the
first place.

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