[fpc-pascal] Smartphone apps in FPC

donald.pedder at optusnet.com.au donald.pedder at optusnet.com.au
Wed Mar 16 22:26:28 CET 2016

Hi all,

   I was on this list years ago, and then fell off at some point for
some reason, but back again now. :-)

   Having written for DOS all those years ago, I am now just getting
into making smartphone apps, and it would be good to be able to use my
old friend FPC for it. :-) I have some familiarity with Java, so
learning Android not too difficult (just gotta get around the
smartphone-specific knowledge), but I don't know Apple's language at
all, and I do want to make my apps available in both Google and Apple
stores. I understand Apple have relaxed their attitude towards
third-party developer tools in recent years, though I have also heard
they frown on some (plus doing it with FPC may be taking me into an
area where not so much tutorials available as there are for
Java/Swift). Want to be sure my apps don't get rejected from Apple
store for such a reason.

   So, just looking for some feedback from anyone on this list who
may have used FPC for Android/Apple apps. i.e. have you written in FPC
and succeeded in getting into Apple store, etc.? I'm looking to make
my decision soon as to which language to use soon, and if FPC is
suitable then that saves me having to learn a new language for the
project. :-)


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