[fpc-pascal] crosscompiling problem (.a file)

ulrich romrum at cbox.cz
Tue Mar 15 09:44:18 CET 2016


I have installed Lazarus 1.6 (64-bit version) in the windows directory 
c:\lazarus16. I downloaded the source compiler in c:\lazarus16\FPC - 
missing subdirectories. In c:\lazarus16\fpc\3.0.0\bin\arm-linux I have 
compiled ARM-Linux binutils (downloaded from ftp).

In Ming32 I ran the following command:
$ pwd

$ make crossinstall CPU_TARGET=arm OS_TARGET=linux 
CROSSBINDIR=/c/lazarus16/FPC/3.0.0/bin OPT=-dFPC_ARMEL 
INSTALL_PREFIX=/c/lazarus16/FPC FPC=/c/lazarus16/FPC/3.0.0/bin/X86_ 

The result is:
system.pp (620) Error: Can not create archive file: 

What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you for answer


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