[fpc-pascal] Quick Modern Object Pascal Introduction, for Programmers

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 11:55:35 CEST 2016

> |I remember someone once asked whether we should override the method Assign
> or AssignTo.|
> |I am worried, choosing the wrong method to override will produce unexpected
> result.|

The AssignTo is only used by TPersistent.Assign, so it's a "fallback"
--- if class A cannot copy *from* B, then AssignTo is called on B to
let B assign *to* A. This allows to implement the copying on any end,
which is useful e.g. when you cannot change the source code of A.

This is documented on

The short advice is that you usually want to override Assign, and
forget about AssignTo. Overriding Assign is always enough if you think
about a typical cloning scenario, when you usually copy instance of
class A to another instance of class A, and not mix classes.


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