[fpc-pascal] default parameter single = NaN

David Emerson dle3ab at angelbase.com
Mon Jun 20 22:59:26 CEST 2016

Hey all,

After installing fpc 3.0.0, I'm getting an...

Error: function header doesn't match the previous declaration

for a (non-method) function that does exactly match its previous 

function make_scale_matrix (zx:single; zy:single=NaN):t_2d_affine;

I use "NaN" extensively to indicate a null / not specified value, so it 
would really be a drag to lose this feature. Although the header exactly 
matches the previous declaration, it now objects to these NaN default 

Aside from the error message being misleading/inaccurate, I didn't 
notice any mention of this in the user changes document; nor is this 
prohibition mentioned in the html documentation online, 

What's the status of this?

Given this feature loss, I would have to either abandon the default 
parameter feature and create many similar functions; or, pick another 
value to use (when NaN is ideal).


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