[fpc-pascal] FPC 3.0 using clang for cross compile

Torsten Bonde Christiansen tc at epidata.info
Tue Jun 14 12:35:45 CEST 2016

Hi List.

I just recently tried to update the build system for our products in 
order to use fpc 3.0, but found
that when i try to make the cross-compiler for Mac OS, it reports an 
error on missing:

/home/epidata/FreePascal/release_3_0_0/compiler/ppcross386 -dNOMOUSE -Ur 
-dFPC_USE_LIBC -Tdarwin -Pi386 -XPi686-apple-darwin10- -Xr -XX -CX -Ur 
-Xs -O2 -n -Fi../inc -Fi../i386 -Fi../unix -Fi../bsd -Fi../bsd/i386 
-Fi../darwin/i386 -FE. 
-FU/home/epidata/FreePascal/release_3_0_0/rtl/units/i386-darwin -O2 -XX 
-CX -Xs -Xd -Fl/usr/lib/apple/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk/usr/lib -di386 
-dRELEASE -Us -Sg ../bsd/system.pp
system.inc(1824,8) Warning: Implicit string type conversion from 
"RawByteString" to "UnicodeString"
system.pp(361) Error: Assembler *i686-apple-darwin10-clang* not found, 
switching to external assembling
system.pp(361) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping

Is there a reason why fpc needs the llvm for cross compiling (I'm 
building agains OSX 10.5) - it was not
need for fpc 2.6.4...

In case it is needed, have anyone successfully made a cross compiler 
from Linux 64-bit to Mac OS?

Kind regards,
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