[fpc-pascal] Microsecond Delay Suggestions?

James Richters james at productionautomation.net
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I don’t need a 55mS tick, there was a DOS timer that ticked every 55mS, which I used to calibrate a delayloop.. however I can’t use any of that on windows, I can’t even make the DOS function call, and even if I had a way to calibrate my delay loop, it would be meaningless because I have to share the processor with windows, so creating a delay by just looping a lot doesn’t work at all in windows… depending on what else is running I would get totally different time delays out of the loop.


What I need is a timer that I can specify in microseconds, a millisecond is too long.   I am using it for timing to read in a string on a serial connection.  My fastest baudrate is 250000, so at that rate I would need to delay only 36 microseconds.  So I can’t use sleep () or delay () because they only go down to 1mS and that’s too slow.


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Any suggestions on how to do this on windows with a console application?

I don't have an answer, but I'm wondering what kind of task is that? 
Why do you need this 55mS tick?



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