[fpc-pascal] Textmode IDE splitscreen?

James Richters james at productionautomation.net
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The TurboPascal version used to write to B800-B7FF for the monochrome
monitor and A000-AFFF for the color monitor, the IDE was always on
monochrome and the program executing was always on color... that's how it
worked,  but all that is really needed to help improve debugging with
freepascal is to get the "User Screen ALT-F5" to be in a different window so
you don't need to switch windows back and forth when trying to trace through
a program or watch variables.   It is updating both screens now, just you
can only see one at a time.   I have no idea how to get a second window
though, since it's running in a command prompt.  DOSBox already had 2
windows, someone made a patch to display the monochrome addresses in the
status window.. it was a little quirky but it worked.    Maybe there needs
to be another program running in another DOS window and the two programs
have some way to send the screen to the second window and receive keystrokes

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  The TextMode IDE is based on the package FV short for Free Vision, which
tries to follow TurboVision interface.

  But there is nothing inside that package that deals with dual monitor, so
I don't think this is possible with the current TextMode IDE.


  If you are only looking for a solution for the go32v2 IDE, what Dos Video
mode does your split screen correspond to?

  The switching between User and IDE is done mainly in ide/fpusrscr.pas
  Look for TDosVideoInfo record and TDosScreen object, and try to look into
the code how the support for your special split mode could be integrated.

  If the two screens have different Segments associated (look for VSeg local
variables in SaveIDEScreen, SaveConsoleScreen, SwitchToConsoleScreen and
SwitchBackToIDEScreen methods), it might be possible to  the code quite

In the hope it could lead to an improvement of the go32v2 IDE,

Pierre Muller

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> Is there a way to get the textmode IDE to do splitscreen the way Turbo 
> Pascal used to if you had both a color and monochrome monitor?  It was 
> very handy to trace through the source code on the monochrome monitor 
> and watch it execute on the other one.. It prevented all the screen 
> flashing when it had to output something to the screen as you traced 
> through the program.
> I've been doing this on windows with TurboPascal with a customized 
> version of DOSBOX that would show the monochrome monitor in a separate 
> window from the color monitor.  Any suggestions for getting two 
> windows with Free Pascal textmode IDE?
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