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Sat Jul 23 01:40:45 CEST 2016

On 2016-07-22 23:33, James Richters wrote:
> Here are screenshots:
> https://github.com/Zaaphod/FPC-Parallel-Port/issues/1

I just checked. My FreeBSD version looks like the Windows screenshot.

Also under Linux, load the IDE, then go to Options -> Environment ->
Editor. Then under "Editor options" make sure "Syntax highlighting" is
checked. If I uncheck that and open a new *.pas file, then mine is all
blue and yellow text.

Something else to tweak. If you prefer the darker blue (Windows
screenshot) instead of the lighter blue (Linux screenshot). Those colors
are affected by your terminal program's console theme. eg: I use Mate
Terminal here. Go to Edit -> Profile Preferences -> Colours. Change the
Palette scheme to "Linux console" or "Rxvt". Those are my preferences.
Some Linux systems default that to "Tango" which are much lighter colours.

> I like the text ide because I understand it,  it's pretty much like the
> Turbo Pascal ide.

I fully understand. Sometimes I use the Text IDE too, to get rid of all
clutter and distractions seen so often in other IDE's or text editors.
But I forgot all the keyboard shortcuts, then I get frustrated with it,
and switch back to Lazarus or MSEide. MSEide is also a very nice,
flexible and super fast IDE. They can all handle console programs
without problems.


You can download the IDE zip archive, unpack and run the binary. No need
for any installations.


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