[fpc-pascal] unable to compile 3.0.0 both Linux x86_64 and arm-linux

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Sat Jul 16 16:20:15 CEST 2016

Il 16/07/2016 15:52, Jonas Maebe ha scritto:

> These errors suggest you are not compiling that unit in FPC mode. If 
> you use the top level Makefile in the fpcsrc directory, it will 
> compile the packages directory with RELEASE=1, which in turn causes -n 
> to be added to the FPC command line options so that it ignores any 
> default (.)fpc.cfg files (that may otherwise contain -Mdelphi or so). 
> The default compiler mode in FPC (including 3.0) is plain FPC mode. 

I'm using the top level Makefile, while buildin All. Everything else, 
before that package, compiles properly (compiler, LCL, other packages, etc.)
Should I locate something specific which might turn off FPC mode in the 
affecting package Makefiles or fpmake or whatever, or in the upper 
folder (packages)?



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