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If you read the threads on the Lazarus forums you'll see the points people
are making while complaining about the documentation, tutorials, and
application developer guides, including complaints from some of the top
contributors. In a nutshell it has been said that the wikimedia engine is
bad for these things. One complaint is that due to it's everyone can
edit/create pages there is a general lack of cohesion. Many people have
vastly different writing skills, topics are not ell organized, contributors
and moderators spend time fighting vandalism or bickering rather than on
creating quality content, there are not enough people in out community
interested in taking on their work of maintain a decent wiki. Many examples
were given, and I personally prefer a nested structure with folders which
the wikimedia engine does not provide.

If you are okay with the state of everything then move along.

However if you feel like addressing the issues people are raising, then I
believe the points brought up in my last post bring forth one possible
balanced solution. And yes, if treated comprehensively the terrible state
will be improved.
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