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Noted. Thank you.


There was/is a big discussion on the forums about the terrible state of the
documentation. I already am hosting easy to setup bundles (for example my
OSX bundle installed CodeTools and offers you the choice between Homebrew
and Macports) which include Free Pascal terminal shortcuts (perfect for
following along with the language guide examples). I also host a much
improved documentation portal, a few instructional videos (more to come in
the tutorials section), and in my opinion aesthetically pleasing page
layouts with breadcrumb navigation (perfect for navigating nested topics).

With this in mind, given my penchant for design, I believe hosting new
hyperlinked language and IDE guides is a natural progression. When I add in
brief summaries to go along with each diagram as well as syntax highlighted
examples I think there will be even more clarity. And I neglected to
mentioned that diagram lexical sub paths can hyperlink link to other
diagrams or page anchors. That is, on the actual pages users receive visual
feedback for certain diagram elements (hover over effects) to indicate they
hyperlink to other diagrams.

I summary, what I am producing will be an improvement, again in my opinion,
over other disparate resources.
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