[fpc-pascal] minimal database example

duilio foschi octopushole at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 21:26:10 CET 2016

I have a remote server with Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.

I access the server via terminal console.

Free Pascal Compiler version 2.6.2-8 [2014/01/22] for x86_64 is installed.

Lazarus is NOT installed.

I'd like to write code where a Firebird (2.5) database is accessed and
a query performed.

I could successfully unzip the Zeos source code into directory /usr/lib/zeos.

However it is not clear to me how this source code can be used by fpc.

I added the zeos path to the fpc.cfg file, but I get a number of
compilation error.

For instance
Fatal: Can't open include file "../Zeos.inc"

With Lazarus I would build a package and all zeos components would be
immediately available for my programs.

What happens when only FPC is at hand ?

Is FPC the child of a Lesser God ? :)

Reason wants that somehow FPC can use zeos source code.

Any help ?

Thank you


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