[fpc-pascal] FPC releases for Win64 - 2.6.2 & 2.6.4 versus 3.0.0

Graeme Geldenhuys mailinglists at geldenhuys.co.uk
Fri Apr 8 10:32:44 CEST 2016

On 2016-04-08 09:12, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> It's a naming change: the previous Win64 releases were also  
> cross-compilers.

I have the installs (with unintall support) for 2.6.0 & 2.6.2 on my
system, and they are both native Win64 compilers. I believe they are
official installers. The 2.6.4 and 3.0.0 installers on SF.net are
definitely cross-compilers.

No matter, like Michael said, it is quite easy to build your own, which
I did.

> There is no advantage I'm a aware of to having a  
> "native" Win64 release compiler

Well, at the moment you need to do two downloads & installs to get Win64
support. First you need to install the win32 compiler, then the win64
cross-compiler. But yes, I guess that is minor - how often does one
install release compilers anyway. ;-)

Thanks for the info though.

  - Graeme -

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