[fpc-pascal] is scrypt available?

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> On 10/26/2015 06:28 PM, David W Noon wrote:
>> I use PostgreSQL, which offers MD5 hashing of passwords as a
>> built-in, without me adding any of my own (or anybody else's)
>> code to perform hashing.
> sadly MD5 have been being cracked in little time for over a
> decade... that's why we're looking at other means...

Well, we can start here:


I also own a couple of books by Bruce Schneier, the doyen of cryptography.

More recently, there is RFC 6234. This was published in 2011 and its
hashes are considered secure at the moment.


> bcrypt came up first in the searched and then scrypt was pointed
> out along with bcrypt's failings... the question now is being
> able/willing to use someone else's code or to reinvent the wheel...
> if it were me, i'd use the other code if its license fits the app
> in question...

I could code up almost any of these algorithms you want. I have
reference implementations under Linux to test the validity of my code.
I would make any such code available under the Berkeley License (or
GPL v3). Indeed, I would make the source code available to all FPC
users if there is interest in hashing here.
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