[fpc-pascal] Basic Windows tutorial

Ryan Joseph ryan at thealchemistguild.com
Thu Oct 22 06:20:03 CEST 2015

I’d like to start doing some basic Windows programming to learn but not use the higher level Lazarus cross-platform library.

Keeping in mind I know literally nothing about Windows programming, where is a good place to start? I installed Lazarus which I think is the preferred IDE for FPC (if not are there others?) and I would like to start with making a simple window programmatically and adding some controls and a menu.

Are there are any example projects for this and a place I could reference the Windows headers in Pascal? I don’t even know what the Windows GUI library is called or where I could reference that online (.net maybe?).

Sorry for being vague but I’m starting from absolute ground zero. ;) Thanks.

	Ryan Joseph

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