[fpc-pascal] STM32F407?

Andrew Haines andrewd207 at aol.com
Mon Oct 12 13:13:42 CEST 2015

It is the discovery board.


On October 12, 2015 2:49:37 AM EDT, Michael Ring <mail at michael-ring.org> wrote:
>STM32F407 and STM32F429 share the same reference Manual so they should 
>be highly compatible. Which Board do you own, a Discovery board or  
>MicroE Board?
>Am 12.10.15 um 03:31 schrieb Andrew Haines:
>> Hi,
>> I've seen on the list that the STM32F429 has some support in fpc now!
>> A couple of years ago I got a STM32F407 discovery board. Is the code 
>> for *29 compatible with *07?
>> Regards,
>> Andrew Haines
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