[fpc-pascal] How to duplicate PHP's gzcompress() function in FPC?

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> Correction, I made a silly mistake in my code. I've managed to get it to
> work with TCompressionStream and with ASkipHeaders = False (the default).

The link that I sent has a nice explanation (and tests) about GZIP header:

2 bytes $1f $8b  (IDentification)
1 byte $08 Compression Method = deflate
1 byte $00 FLaGs bit 0   FTEXT - indicates file is ASCII text (can be
safely ignored) bit 1   FHCRC - there is a CRC16 for the header immediately
following the header bit 2   FEXTRA - extra fields are present bit 3
FNAME - the zero-terminated filename is present. encoding; ISO-8859-1. bit
4   FCOMMENT - a zero-terminated file comment is present. encoding:
ISO-8859-1 bit 5-7   reserved
4 bytes $00000000 Modification TIME = no time stamp is available"
More ... <http://www.gocher.me/GZIP>

Silvio Cl├ęcio
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