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Sat Nov 21 18:58:43 CET 2015

Congratulations! I'm anxiously to test it! :-D

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 2:32 PM, Sven Barth <pascaldragon at googlemail.com>

> Hello together!
> I'm pleased to finally announce the addition of generic functions,
> procedures and methods (collectively called "routines") to Free Pascal
> which allows writing type safe methods that can be used for multiple types.
> Syntax:
> The syntax for declaring a generic routine is similar to declaring a
> normal routine and also includes support for class methods:
> generic [class] (procedure|function)
> For the TYPEARGLIST the same rules apply as for generic types. Type
> parameters declared in the TYPEARGLIST might be used in the PARAMETERLIST,
> the RESULTTYPE and of course the body of the routine.
> Generic routines can be overloaded both by TYPEARGLIST and PARAMETERLIST.
> To call a generic routine you use the following syntax:
> For the TYPELIST the same rules apply as for specializing a generic type.
> If the routine is part of a type or variable or you're using a unit
> name to distinguish a generic routine you need to put that before the
> "specialize":
> Calls to generic routines are normal factors so they can be used as such
> as the following example shows:
> === example begin ===
> {$mode objfpc}
> generic function Add<T>(aLeft, aRight: T): T;
> begin
>   Result := aLeft + aRight;
> end;
> begin
>   Writeln(specialize Add<String>('Generic ', 'routines') + specialize
> Add<String>(' with ', 'Free Pascal'));
> end.
> === example end ===
> Delphi compatibility:
> Of course this future is also implemented in a Delphi-compatible way for
> the Delphi modes. There the syntax for declaring a generic function is like
> this:
> [class] (procedure|function) IDENTIFIER<TYPELIST>[(PARAMETERLIST)][:
> So merely the "generic" keyword is missing. This is analogous when calling
> a generic routine:
> Because of the missing "specialize" keyword that mark specializations
> complex expressions *do not* work in mode Delphi yet. So assignments of
> function results are okay, but other than that you'll likely encounter
> compiler errors.
> Please note that unlike Delphi we *do* support global generic
> functions/procedures even in Delphi mode.
> Limitations/ToDos:
> The feature is not yet finished and there are some limitations that yet
> need to be overcome or parts that simply don't work yet, this includes, but
> is not necessarily limited to:
> - support for complex expressions in Delphi modes (applies to type
> specializations as well)
> - support for pointers to generic routines (this will currently result in
> errors at the best case and internal errors or exceptions at the worst)
> - support for the return value in modes without support for "Result"
> - support for nested generics, most importantly generic methods inside
> generic classes
> So please test and report any bugs in the bug tracker. Questions can of
> course be asked here on the mailing list (no, this feature won't be part of
> FPC 3.0.0).
> Regards,
> Sven

Silvio Cl├ęcio
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