[fpc-pascal] OpenSSL

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Tue Nov 17 14:15:42 CET 2015

On Tue, 17 Nov 2015, Torsten Bonde Christiansen wrote:

> Hi all.
> In my program I need to use the OpenSSL unit from fpc (packages/openssl) AND
> I also need to use the lNET package.
> However my problem is that lNET also include a file named openssl.pas, 
> although it
> seems to be never that the one included in packages it does not have the same
> methods included.
> So wheneven I include OpenSSL as a unit in my program it ALWAYS refer to the 
> one
> in lNET, presumable because it is a package - how do I avoid this and instead
> use/refer to the fpc one?

Simply said: You can't. The lnet one needs to be renamed.
One day when namespaces will be generally used, that should solve itself.
(but then that is of course the same as renaming)


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