[fpc-pascal] Does the basic make INSTALL create ppcross386

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On 29 March 2015 at 20:13, leledumbo <leledumbo_cool at yahoo.co.id> wrote:

> > Does the basic make INSTALL create ppcross386
> > It works on a 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 system but fails when I try it on a
> 32bit
> > Ubuntu 12.04 system.
> It's weird to ask something like this, assuming you've understood the build
> process already. I thought I've ever mentioned it, but here's again: when
> you build the cross compiler, that is when CPU_TARGET is not the same as
> host, the resulting compiler is ppcross<cpu>. Otherwise, which is your case
> now, it's ppc<cpu>.
> Make install accepts the same parameter as other make targets, so above
> rule
> holds. Certainly, make install does NOT compile anything. Its purpose is to
> install what "make all" compiles and links.
> To conclude: No ppcross386 shall be created nor installed in case of
> building for i386 under i386 systems.
As I mentioned before my script was adapted from the Sysrpl script which
written for a 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 , and may not have been tried on a 32bit

1. When 'make all' followed by 'make install' does the 'make all' command
generate the cross compilers as well, for them to be installed by
crossinstall, or does cross install create the cross compiler from scratch
then install it afterwards?

2. Does the source download come with all the necessary tools for a
successful crossinstall, or are there additional tools required, and does
the make process check for their presence before starting the compilation?

Frank Church

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