[fpc-pascal] File Descriptor in Windows ?

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.nl
Wed Mar 25 13:38:30 CET 2015

fredvs wrote:
> Hello.
> Sorry to sorry to bother you with that file descriptors again... ;-(
> There are some answers there on mpg123 forum.
> They explain that "simple stdin/stdout file descriptors would work."
> Of course all what they explained is in C ;-(
> OK, but how can i use "simple stdin/stdout file descriptors" in Pascal ?
> What is the code to retrieve that stdin/stdout file descriptors in Windows?

What in unix is used as filedescriptor is in general in windows used as 
handle (filehandle/sockethandle)

Googling for "windows msdn stdin" resulted in:

I've no clue why a lib should need this (and if a non console app would 
have any)

BTW, back to your original question, I looked at the docs for 
mpg123_open_fd() but it absolutely clueless about the second argument


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