[fpc-pascal] Mode Delphi and functions as parameters.

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> I have recently compiled projects which were converted from Delphi and it
> seems to me that the passing a function as a parameter does not require the
> '@' symbol. I suspect syntax errors came because I wasn't compiling from
> the command line.
> e.g
> function AFunction()
> begin
> end;
> CallFunctionWithFunctionParameter (AFunction) instead of
> CallFunctionWithFunctionParameter (@AFunction)
> Is passing a function as parameter without the '@' symbol accepted in
> Delphi?
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> Frank Church
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More questions on Mode Delphi.

1. Does Mode Delphi simply allow Delphi syntax to be compiled, or does it
also affect the code generation, like data structures, pointer handling,
parameter handling / calling conventions, stack frames etc?

2. When Mode Delphi is applied to a project, ie the .dpr, does it affect
the whole project, or does each project require its own mode delphi

3. Can it be switched on and off within the same unit, ie some procedures
and data structures use it, some don't?

Frank Church

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