[fpc-pascal] Is the current stable release of FPC 2.6.4 or 3.0.1?

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Sat Mar 14 10:10:26 CET 2015

Is the current stable release  FPC 2.6.4 or 3.0.1? Is it actually 3.0.1?

When I check this site - http://svn.freepascal.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/tags/
the last tag is release_2_6_4. Is that site for release versions only? Is
there another location which as the 3.0 series among its tags?

I don't know if I'm confused because the FPC accompanying Lazarus 1.4 is
still 2.6.4.

After checking the site I see that the branches directory contains
fixes_3_0 and the tags directory goes up to release__2_6_4.

Does that mean the FPC 3.0  isn't actually a release version yet?

Frank Church

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