[fpc-pascal] Free Pascal and Lazarus Nightly Builds

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Wed Mar 4 09:05:41 CET 2015

Thank you Anthony,
nightly snapshots are IMO very usefull for easy testing patches.
For me often in forum happens, that anybody reports bug, bug was fixed 
and user was asked to test patched version.
User asked how to do it ... and answer was you must use TRUNK version 
and most of users "ends" at this poins .

BTW it will be IMO usefull have in name also version of FPC+Lazarus, so 
instead of "setup.exe" something like: "setup_3.0.1_1.5"

> Going forward each night the current svn trunk sources of FPC and 
> Lazarus will be updated and converted into a Windows installer, Linux, 
> and Macintosh  archives.

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