[fpc-pascal] Failed compiling SVN source on Raspi 1 B+

Karoly Balogh (Charlie/SGR) charlie at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Tue Mar 3 22:28:42 CET 2015


On Tue, 3 Mar 2015, Bee wrote:

> So, is it not possible to compile FPC trunk using FPC stable (2.6.4) on
> a Raspberry 1?

I just installed Free Pascal 2.6.4 on my RPi 1 Model B+, checked out
latest SVN trunk, then issued the following command:

make all OPT="-CpARMv6 -dFPC_ARMHF" FPC=$HOME/fpc-2.6.4/lib/fpc/2.6.4/ppcarm

I had FPC 2.6.4 installed in my home dir, obviously.

The make command above finished without a problem, and I got perfectly
working compiler as result.

> Anybody can help me on this? Thank you.

Probably your attempt was missing the -CpARMv6 option, in which case the
compiler might use a slightly different instruction set(?) which can cause


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