[fpc-pascal] valgrind: "invalid read"

David Emerson dle3ab at angelbase.com
Thu Jun 4 01:51:16 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I have just started using valgrind, and I was surprised that I got a lot 
of errors, particularly in places that look like clean code. So I 
whittled things down and created a test program. Here is the error I am 
seeing (I've removed the procid, ==11180==):

Invalid read of size 16
    at 0x401727: SYSTEM_INDEXBYTE$formal$INT64$BYTE$$INT64 (in 
    by 0x40053B: main (vg_stringlist_const_error.pas:20)
  Address 0xbfdb6c0 is 16 bytes inside a block of size 30 alloc'd
    at 0x4C28C20: malloc (in 
    by 0x4206A6: CMEM_CGETMEM$QWORD$$POINTER (in 
    by 0x400532: main (vg_stringlist_const_error.pas:20)

Here is the test program:

program vg_stringlist_const_error;

   classes, sysutils;

   list_key = 'foo';
   some_directory_that_exists = '.';

   sl : TStringList;
   fa : longint;

   sl := TStringList.Create;
   sl.add (list_key + '=' + some_directory_that_exists);
   writeln ('----- VALGRIND INVALID READ HAPPENS HERE -----');
   fa := FileGetAttr (sl.Values[list_key]);
   writeln ('----- done -----');
   freeandnil (sl);

I am compiling with -n so as to avoid any variability from /etc/fpc.cfg, 
like so:

fpc -n -Fu'/usr/lib/fpc/$fpcversion/units/$fpctarget/*' -gv 


valgrind ./vg_stringlist_const_error

I'm using debian linux, 64-bit, and have seen the error on three 
different computers, running debian 7 & 8 (wheezy/oldstable and 
jessie/stable), and using fpc 2.6.2 and 2.6.4; and using valgrind 3.7.0 
and 3.10.0

Some notes/observations from testing:

- With the TStringList, if I use sl.Add ('.') and sl.Strings[0] to get 
the same value '.' the error does not occur. It only happens when I use 

- The fact that FileGetAttr uses a const variable is relevant; if I have 
a function that receives sl.Values['foo'] as a call-by-value variable, 
then passes that to FileGetAttr, the error does not occur.

- If the directory (or file) does not exist then the error does not occur.

- Even if the file/directory does exist, the error does not occur for 
certain files/dirs. I haven't yet figured out what it's sensitive to, 
but most existing files/dirs/links seem to trigger the error.

- If I declare a local ansistring variable and assign sl.Values['foo'] 
to that var, then pass it to FileGetAttr, it doesn't make a difference, 
the error still occurs. Ditto if the local variable is e.g. string[10], 
although the trace is slightly different, the invalid read is still there.

Alright, can't think of anything else to add at the moment... any thoughts?


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