[fpc-pascal] access violations on new ARM hardware

Björn Schreiber news.bs at drigus.de
Thu Jan 29 09:49:21 CET 2015

Am 28.01.2015 um 17:24 schrieb Sven Barth:
> Could be a bug in the conversion routines from WideString to AnsiString.
> Since we are currently preparing release 3.0.0 it might be best to test
> with that as well (cause string handling was changed in 2.7.1). It
> shouldn't be hard to compile for WinCE either, just download the source
> (e.g. by using SVN) and do the following:

   Thanks for the instruction, very helpful. Unfortunately I have to 
prioritise other stuff first so this must wait. But I come back when I 
continue testing.

   Björn Schreiber
Björn Schreiber

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