[fpc-pascal] character escaping with ^LETTER

Howard Page-Clark hdpc at talktalk.net
Mon Jan 19 16:22:47 CET 2015

On 19/01/2015 13:29, Dmitry Boyarintsev wrote:

>     Not sure which pascal its inherited from... but Delphi 7 does
>     compile it too.

It was certainly a feature of the first TurboPascal, and perhaps was in 
even earlier Pascal compilers, enabling simple insertion of control 
characters from the keyboard.
Later superseded by the "control string" syntax (#nnn) which gave access 
to all 8-bit ASCII values, it was retained by Borland for backwards 
compatibility reasons. A complication for parsers since "^" has other 
meanings of far more significance in most Pascal code.

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