[fpc-pascal] Error Message recording not yet supported

Joao Morais l at joaomorais.com.br
Wed Jan 14 10:49:22 CET 2015

Hello list.

I got the "Message recordind not yet supported" error with 2.7.1 and 
3.0.1 versions. 2.6.4 is fine. The error points to a zero-length line, 
between two class declarations.

I couldn't create a small sample, I cannot understand what is happening. 
If I remove a global {$WARN 5024 OFF} the code compiles again. If I use 
this same "warn 5024 off" on another projects I cannot reproduce the 
problem. Mantis has nothing related with warn 5024 or I couldn't find it.

The following steps shows the error message -- only v3, v2.7 has an 
$ifdef workaround:

- Download https://github.com/jcmoraisjr/jcore/archive/master.zip
- Compile a test package; or
- path/to/fpc/3.0.1/compiler/ppc386 -Ficore -Fucore -Fuopf 
-Fupath/to/fpc/3.0.1/rtl/units/<TARGET> opf/jcoreopfconfig

Please let me know if I did something badly wrong. Thanks!

Joao Morais

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