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On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 2:00 PM, Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org>

> I'm experimenting with FPC's message (.msg) files. I wonder, who did
>> create those files? Where are the text taken from? Is there any tool to
>> generate those files?
> They are created manually.

Do you mean including the content?

> I also found some inconsistencies in the file structure. There are some
>> sections that are not following the "standard" structure. Most sections are
>> marked by '\section' - '\end' pair string,
>> which I think using Tex syntax. But there are some sections that doesn't
>> have that mark, though its comment part is clearly indicates that it's a
>> section. Those sections that don't have the
>> '\section' mark still have pattern of a section, like section title and
>> max number info on the header comment.
> Only # BeginOfTex # EndOfTex mark the beginning or end of TeX code. The
> \section is simply transferred to the TeX file, you should not pay
> attention to it.

I notice that the '# BeginOfTex' and '# EndOfTex' pair mark is also
inconsistent. I need to look for the sections or groups of the messages. I
found 3 patterns:

1. The '\section' - '\end' pair. With this, I found 12 sections.
2. The '# BeginOfTex' - '# EndOfTex' pair. With this, I found 7 sections.
3. The '##### is the last used one' string. With this, I found 12 sections.

But the sum of messages of the section found using these patterns isn't
equal to the real number of messages. There are 901 messages, but the sum
of messages of each section is less than that. What did I miss?

> That said, in LaTeX there is no need for \section to be ended explicitly.
> It is ended automatically.

So, which one is indicating the real sections?

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