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> On 2015-02-26 14:34, Michael Schnell wrote:
> > In fact I did understand I only am puzzled by the naming "COM" vs
> > "CORBA", that in no way suggest the real (language-) functionality "ref
> > counting" vs "not ref counting"
> I know COM interface come from the need to interact with Windows COM.
> CORBA (in terms of FPC), I'm not to sure of. You also get XPCOM - also
> supported by FPC, and I believe this is also a non-reference counted
> interface.

Since XPCOM was modelled after COM and even uses things like HResult and
such I'd assume they use IUnknown as well and thus they would be reference

> As for rather using "ref counted" vs "not ref counted" to reference the
> different interface types (COM and CORBA). Not even that would be a good
> solution, because you can implement a COM interface that doesn't have
> reference counting. Simply implement the IInterface (aka IUnknown)
> methods yourself and remove the reference counting bits. :-)

But even then the compiler will insert calls to these functions.

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