[fpc-pascal] about interface and multiple inheritance

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Feb 24 17:00:01 CET 2015

In our previous episode, Bee said:
> http://blog.cleancoder.com/uncle-bob/2015/01/08/InterfaceConsideredHarmful.html
> I wonder, how modern Pascal (FreePascal in particular) answer the
> questions. :)

I don't actually see questions why you shouldn't have interfaces. I only see
reasons in those answers that you can do without if you want to add lots of
specifications detailing cornercases.

So the question is what one deems more important, a single class entity or
simple(r) rules governing them.

Seems the author of the above is in the former camp. Which is good, but as
good as the latter IMHO.

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