[fpc-pascal] New Get Lazarus Initiative

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 13:34:06 CET 2015

Marcos, I build the Bare Game website engine using asp classic with
javascript on the server. I am a huge javascript fan, and I've used asp
classic since 1998.

But this new site is built on a dead simple C# engine basic on a POCO
library which implements the bare minimum IHttpHandler interface. Using the
bare minimum (Bare Game) and writing things myself seem to work well for me.

Anyhow the interesting thing about the C# library is how I designed it to
reads template files which can be nested. The templated values try to
format themselves from properties on the page you define, and you can use
all C# formatting options in the template. The basics minus my wiki page
class (200 lines of code derived from PageHandler) are hosted here if you
want to take a look:

I'll be posting the wiki engine to that repository soon after I finish with
a couple more modifications.
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