[fpc-pascal] New Get Lazarus Initiative

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 11:37:40 CET 2015

Jonas, I'll re-add the svn revision number in my next round of builds wich
will follow shortly. I was rebuilding all OS bundles from the same revision
and copied them to my test systems. Unfortunately I deleted all the svn
tracking files before I did my first copy, which removes maybe 100s of
megabytes. anyhow, next build 'll leave in the svn revision file for
Lazarus to read and present in the about page.

Oh an regarding Test in my prior message. If anyone wants to clarify that I
am bundling FPC 3.0 in a testing stage on any page on the initiative, just
click "edit page", make your addition, and I'll merge it in using my
moderator utilities. If anyone wants the responsibility to handle some of
the edit moderation with me, go to our announcement in the forums and send
me a PM (I'm admin). The main website moderator tools carry over from the
forums section of the site.
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